Chase Bank is in trouble on three separate fronts that I want to relay to you. Sadly though, nobody is going to jail for the continued criminality.

First up, Chase is facing charges of fraud in the sales of bonds in mortgage markets. The feds are seeking fines of roughly $20 billion. As you might expect, Chase is pushing back. We'll see if this charges winds up only amounting to a silly civil action, or if finally the government will get some backbone and issue indictments.

Now, you may say, what do I care what Chase did to rich people with bonds? Not so fast. Chase must also pay $400 million in refunds for illegally charging two million card holders for stuff they didn't buy, like ID protection and other unauthorized services.

The bank was putting phony $20 charges on people's accounts. Most people didn't notice these charges because they don't check their statements. I get paper statements for all my accounts and look through them each month for this very reason.

Finally, Chase is under a multi-state investigation for stealing from people with illegal debt collection practices. They were allegedly filing false affidavits and going after people who didn't have accounts and were getting judgments against them!

This bank is morally and ethically broken. What can you as a consumer do about it? Don't do business with them!