There's a revolt on college campuses against the unholy alliance of textbook manufacturers and college professors. They're each creating an inexcusable burden on student who have to spend a few thousand dollars a year on textbooks!

The Seattle Times reports Tacoma Community College has a pilot project that provides assistance to professors to come up with online resources to sub in for textbooks.

The pilot paid for itself in less than a year and is now saving students collectively hundreds of thousands of dollars at the school.

That's lead to a groundswell in Washington state. Professors are now under pressure in the University of Washington state system to use online resources and Internet versions of material to reduce costs of books in classes.

I know I'll hear from the professors who let me know why I'm undermining the educational process. Please go to the Clark Stinks messageboard and make your voice heard.

But the reality is students no longer buying their textbooks. I think about myself, working through graduate school on a free ride from IBM for all college expenses except books. So I would go through a course without the textbook about a third of the time. It put me at a disadvantage, but that was the situation I was in. Today's kids can't afford expensive books either.

So the push that's starting in Washington state is strong and it needs to spread from sea to shining sea.

Professors who still favor traditional textbooks should consider using a past edition of a book that would be widely available for students if they absolutely insist on having the printed form.

And students, you need to get organized. Don't just go like sheep. Fight back and push the instructors to think about the burden they're placing on you. They may not even know.