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  • Opting out of Apple Music's auto renewal subscription


    So Apple has made a big announcement about its new music service. With iPhones having around 40% of the market, there's no doubt it will be an instant success. Apple Music will be priced at...

  • The debate over free streaming music


    The music industry is struggling to adapt to free streaming services like Spotify. Here’s why musicians don't like the deal, and how streaming music is changing the way we listen to music.

  • T-Mobile offering unlimited free music


    If music on the go is your thing, T-Mobile is a cell provider to look at. Clark explains how the mobile carrier is bring the music to the people.

  • The cheapest way to buy music online


    You could be saving money 80% of the time when you shop for music online.

  • Save up to 80% on digital music purchases


    If you're overpaying for music through Apple's iTunes store, stop it! Apple so dominates the music scene through iTunes. But you can buy songs from other sources and play them on Apple devices...

  • Apple introduces new OS, iTunes Radio


    In a world where Android outsells Apple by 5:1, Apple has been busy showing off new versatility at a recent developer conference. Chief among the new developments Apple unveiled are a new Mac...

  • Will traditional radios make it in new cars?


    In 2014, GM is going to have Internet access in all their new vehicles. You will be able to hand the kids a tablet and they can watch video or play games, or listen to Internet music, or whatever...

  • Online resale of used music dealt a blow by court


    Crony capitalism has stepped on your digital rights in a new court ruling…and I'm not happy about it. I talked with great hopefulness about ReDigi just days ago. The company has been under...

  • ReDigi sells cheap pre-owned digital music


    If you're into cheap, legitimate music buying, there's an opportunity to snap up pre-owned digital music for as little as 49 cents per track. allows you to either buy used MP3s or sell...

  • Spotify to branch out into video streaming


    A leading music streaming site is about to branch out into another arena of digital entertainment. Fortune  reports that Spotify, which now has 24 million users, is poised to get into...

  • Supreme Court rules on illegal media downloads


    The Supreme Court has ruled on the consequences for stealing music and videos online. Clark talks about illegal media downloads.

  • Supreme Court rules on illegal music downloading


    The Supreme Court has ruled on the consequences for illegal music downloads …and what your kids do that you don’t know about, you will be held responsible for. We had the thing a...

  • Limit the volume on portable music devices to protect hearing


    Don't risk mild hearing loss just because you like to listen to music on a portable device. You have new solutions out there in the marketplace. One obvious solution would be to have a volume...

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  • Free streaming music service launches in U.S.


    Music lovers now have another outlet for free music. A service that's long been in Europe has finally launched in the United States. Get the scoop.