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    Any time you learn a new hack, whether it's for cleaning, organizing or saving money, it's like you instantly can't remember what life was like before you knew about that one simple...

  • How to stop companies from tracking you online


    Have you ever looked at an item online, decided not to buy it, and then later returned to the item only to see the price has gone up? This is the result of companies tracking you...

  • How to recover emails from a Gmail hack


    One woman was locked out of Gmail for 10 days with no access to her documents. How to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

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    Ignoring the Microsoft Windows upgrade could end up costing you. Here’s how.

  • New software can renew your old computer


    If you have an old computer sitting around, don't throw it away. New software can renew it to surf the web at high speeds.

  • Is using public Wi-Fi a security risk?


    Here’s a question: Is using public Wi-Fi a security risk? Using a public source of wireless Internet can compromise your security under certain circumstances. What to know about...

  • There's a new Firefox vulnerability, but you can fix it


    A day before news broke that Russian hackers were able to access part of the Joint Chief's email at the Pentagon, a Firefox user found a vulnerability that could send your sensitive files to a...

  • Google Chrome adds virus protection


    A bad virus or spyware can put your cell phone or computer out of commission. Here’s what Google is doing to keep that from happening.

  • Cookies are toast, so what's next in online tracking?


    When it comes to tracking your activity online, the cookie is going away. But where are the laws we need to protect us as Internet tracking evolves? Apple has a unique identifier for every mobile...

  • Netflix offering new price plans


    Netflix has new price plans that can either save you money or cost you -- depending on your use.

  • Remedy for ads infiltrating your internet searches


    The search engine business is about to be shaken up by a scrappy third player. Search has been a two horse race with Google in the dominant position and Bing existing as a weaker competitor....

  • What can you do to limit online tracking?


    Are you concerned with all the discussion about online tracking by the government and private industry? There are some simple steps you can take to limit it. The use of cookies to track your web...

  • Reduce your online footprint; Up your privacy


    Tired of corporations tracking your every movement online so they can serve you ads? Download this and you can shut them down.

  • $0-19 Internet service for light data users


    Are you a data hog at home? If not, there could be an opportunity for you to pay anywhere between zero-to-$19 a month for service if your Internet usage is light.

  • The browser you use could be costing you!


    Are you paying higher prices online just because you use a particular web browser? Like it or not, that's what's happening in the online shopping world. Clark explains.