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  • Know your rights: It's illegal for a debt collector to threaten you


    More than a quarter (27%) of consumers who’ve interacted with debt collectors said they felt threatened by the most recent creditor or collector who contacted them, according to a new...

  • How to dispute an error on your credit report and win


    If your credit report contains errors, you owe it to yourself to clean it up. While it can be somewhat frustrating, this task is very doable. Before we dive in to the particulars, a bit of...

  • How to improve your credit after a foreclosure


    Losing a home due to foreclosure can leave a heavy mark on your credit record, however, there are things that you can do to re-build a great credit history sooner, making credit availability and...

  • Saddled with debt? Here are ways to get free assistance


    Are you among the 38% of Americans holding credit card debt? There are places you can go to for help.

  • Free Credit Report Guide


    Are you getting all your free credit reports? You are entitled to get a free credit report from all three of the major credit bureaus once every year.  Why you need to check your...

  • How a small unpaid bill can destroy your credit score


    If you have old bills lingering out there somewhere that you forgot about, they could be doing a lot more damage to your financial life than you realize. Maybe you moved and in the process of...

  • Struggling to pay off a huge debt? This story is for you.


    Clark Howard spoke with one woman who paid off $50,000 in just six months!

  • How to start your own business from scratch


    If you are looking to start a business, there are many factors to consider. While it is possible to skip the planning stage and just start your business and work out the details later, this is not...

  • Robocall reward: Time Warner Cable owes woman $229,500 for nonstop calls


    Nobody likes robocalls -- those automated phone calls to your cellphone that deliver recorded messages, often from debt collectors. And one woman just found out that if a company is...

  • Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Debt in Your 20s and 30s


    The 20s and 30s are the years when most people start to accumulate credit card debt. The promise or realization of a good job out of college -- along with life changes such as marriage, home...

  • Why credit repair companies are a ripoff


    Some companies claim they can help you clean up your bad credit. Why it's a ripoff and how you can avoid it.

  • Maximize your retirement benefits


    When is the ideal time to start taking Social Security? It varies. Know how to get the most from your Social Security check when you retire.

  • Debt-settlement outfits make hollow promises


    Have you seen those ads being run by the debt-settlement outfits on late-night TV? They promise to reduce your credit card debt to just pennies on the dollar without making you file for...

  • More Mega-Bank woes


    Are you happy with the job Congress is doing? There's a bank that ranks even lower in customer satisfaction -- and you might be doing business with them!

  • Should you borrow against your 401(k)?


    When you borrow against your 401(k), you're borrowing from yourself and paying yourself back, right? Not so fast. Clark has new info for you.