If you're looking for travel deals, there are a couple of websites I've been testing that you should know about.

Hipmunk.com is a travel bargain site geared to the smartphone crowd. You can grab the app at the App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play (Android).

What I like about Hipmunk is that it will help you find the best deals by identifying whether you want to fly direct or if you're willing to inconvenience yourself with a stopover. Obviously, those who are flexible with their schedules and willingness to detour will find the best deals.

Kayak.com also has a decent smartphone app. And I still like Mobissimo.com for finding international travel deals, though I find they're better on my desktop than my smartphone.

When it comes to hotel booking, there's a service called Tingo.com that is similar to AutoSlash.com.  Tingo will book a hotel room for you and then continually re-shop your rate. If a better deal pops up on your same room, they'll automatically re-book you at the new lower rate.