Credit card lenders are about the sweeten the pot with offers to new customers in the hopes of poaching business from each other's portfolios! reports that zero percent balance transfer offers are now 40% longer on average than they were a year ago. While 6 months used to be the norm, today the offers can be up to 18 months.

Ditto for initial reward bonuses. They are up in value equivalent to being 40% more than a year ago. But be sure to read all terms and conditions upfront before you take the bait. You don't want to get into something that appears to be a good deal on the surface and then turns out to be not so good.

So if you are receiving preapproveds in your mailbox and you use credit cards, look through those offers.

I have historically thrown them in the garbage. I have no idea why I get them because my credit is frozen, but I still do get about 15 a week. I shred them unopened. But now I'm going to be looking at them, and I recommend you do too!

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