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    If you're planning to rent a car this summer--there are some things you need to do in order to get the best deal.

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    If you have summer travel plans abroad you need to check your passport. Here’s why passport renewals are taking longer than usual right now.

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    Flexibility is a way to reduce airfare costs, but that’s just one way to save on travel….

  • Megabus fights with passengers over compensation for burned bags


    Megabus is something we talk about a lot in the world of Clark because it lets you do cheap interstate travel with bus fares starting at as little as $1. But passengers are finding that...

  • More than 150 passengers contract viral illness on 'dream cruise'


    A total of 158 people contracted norovirus gastroenteritis on a Diamond Princess cruise ship that docked in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, AOL Travel reported.  According to MSN, all...

  • Cut that airline cancellation fee to $19


    A cancelled flight could cost you hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. One company could help you cut that cost to just $19.

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    The shadows are growing longer and now is the time to book your autumn escape. From New England leaf-peeping to big American cities, amazing national parks, European capitals, and Caribbean...

  • Trip and Travel Insurance Guide


    Remember the volcanic eruption in Iceland that left millions of travelers stranded on both sides of the Atlantic a few years ago? Boy, did that present one compelling argument for buying trip...

  • Easy way to compare insurance rates


    This website makes it so easy to shop for all kinds of insurance. Rate comparisons are emailed to you, and best of all…no pushy agents!

  • International Travel Tips: Money, Mobile & Booking


    With my background in the travel industry and a lifelong passion for travel, I've learned a thing or two about cheap travel. In this Overseas Travel guide, you'll learn how to...

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    Travel agents may seem outdated, but sometimes working with a real live person is superior to booking travel online.Back in the dinosaur days, I used to be a travel agent. For a while it looked...

  • Your pre-vacation credit card checklist


    As you plan your summer vacation, you most likely check out reviews of restaurants near your hotel, print out your confirmation information and make sure that everything you will need for your...

  • United Airlines mistakenly sells $40 RT tickets to Hong Kong


    Some United Airlines customers booked round-trip tickets to Hong Kong for $40 and four frequent flier miles over the weekend because of a computer glitch. Federal law requires United to honor the...

  • Which insurance to buy, which to skip


    You can get insurance on almost anything -- computers, phones, trips, your identity, your credit, your pets, and even home warranties! But should you? I saw a Marketwatch story about which...

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    Insurance pitches are everywhere, but not all insurance is necessary. Clark names five kinds of policies to skip and four kinds you've got to have to protect yourself and your family.