The sale of Girl Scout Cookies is going high-tech, but there are a few important things those seeking to buy the beloved cookies online should know.

How to buy Girl Scout Cookies online

You will still have to interact with a Girl Scout, or their parents, before purchasing.

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The Girl Scouts have unveiled a new program, Digital Cookie 2.0, which will help Girl Scouts manage their cookie sales. The transactions will be processed online, but the Girl Scout (or parent) must still initiate the sale in person or via email. The familiar booths will not be going away; consumers can purchase cookies from a booth via an official mobile app.

Not all troops will have the Digital Cookie program this year, so be prepared to purchase cookies the old-fashioned way.

Officially, cookie sales began Jan. 1 and run through April, but if you don’t know a Girl Scout personally, you can use a couple of high-tech tools to find out where Girl Scout Cookies are being sold near you.

Here's how you can find cookies using the online tool and smartphone app.