As we approach November sweeps, TV stations are going to be competing for eyeballs with the most promotable stories they can find. I’m telling you right now you can expect to see stories about hackers invading home security cameras!

The FTC recently threw the book at a hacker who was accessing security web cams in people’s homes.

I had a meeting with my TV producers and they asked if they could  have a hacker try to break into the home security system that I have at my home. “Sure,” I said. It turns out the hacker could not do it – though I don’t want to challenge any other hackers who may be out there!

The cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper. DropCam is one of most expensive at $149, but setup is easy and it’s secure.

If you have any reason to be concerned about security at your home, don’t go into full freak-out mode when you see the TV stories in November. The video on our DropCam is so clear that you can clearly ID who might be trying to break into your home. And DropCam is not the only one with this high definition capability that you can monitor in real time from any computer or smartphone.