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  • Every Chick-fil-A employee must pass this test to get hired


    When you think about the qualifications required for certain jobs, what first comes to mind are probably the standard resume builders -- experience, education etc. But when someone...

  • Oregon now has the highest minimum wage in the country


    Oregon passes bill to raise minimum wage The controversial and hotly debated topic of raising the minimum wage in Oregon has people on both sides of the issue equally fired up. A...

  • Is student loan repayment the new 401(k)?


    Student loan debt is a huge problem in the U.S. -- possibly one of the biggest financial obstacles we've ever faced as a nation. A recent report from the White House found that total...

  • Teen lands job after catching robber during his interview!


    Talk about making a great first impression! Read more: Firefighter pays family's $1,000 electric bill to keep teen on ventilator Teen's heroic actions during interview land him...

  • Your office pool for March Madness is technically illegal


    No, there’s no maximum security prison in your immediate future. But that doesn’t mean that your office bracket tournament is legal either. Even just small sums of money put up to...

  • Get paid to drink and travel all summer with this 'beer opportunity of a lifetime'


    Are you a social media-savvy beer lover who hopes to spend the summer traveling and drinking extensively? If so, a Florida-based bar chain may be willing to pay you to share your...

  • Think twice before signing a production release


    Production companies looking to use your image in a movie or show will ask you to sign a release form. Why reading that release before you sign is important.

  • 3 simple ways to find more hours in the day


    No one has too much free time. This video gives you 3 simple ways to find more hours in your day, with NYT bestselling author Jon Acuff: 1. Know where your time is going 2. Use your...

  • 3 simple ways to get a raise at work


    You’re going to spend 40-60 hours a week working. What if you could get paid really well for it too?

  • 4 ways to beat the Millennial myth


    4 ways that millennials can beat the lazy/entitled stereotype and find the job of their dreams

  • What your critics are saying


    With criticism, we tend to ignore compliments and focus on the negative. To move beyond this, understand what your critics are really saying.

  • 3 easy ways to win at meetings


    NYT bestselling author Jon Acuff has 3 easy ways to win at work meetings.

  • 7 things nobody tells you after you graduate


    When you graduate from college and join the “real world,” there are a lot of things people don’t tell you.

  • Top 25 highest paying jobs in America


    A new report by Glassdoor says 68 percent of people who participated in a survey consider salary and compensation among the most important factors when deciding where to work.  Read...

  • 3 ways to avoid living with your parents forever


    After college especially, it’s sometimes inevitable — you’ve got to move home with your parents. This video shows you three very specific things to do to make the best of it...