Economy & Market Trends/Recession Issues

  • 4 ways a Fed rate hike would impact you


    Update on Thursday, September 17: The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates at historic lows for at least another month. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates soon...

  • Should We Do Away With the Penny?


    Years ago, I suggested that we do away with the penny in the United States. Boy, did I hear it from a lot of listeners. People were not happy with me! Here's why the penny is near worthless The...

  • 4 Employers Who Are Raising Minimum Wage For Workers


    Some fast-food restaurants are taking it upon themselves to raise the minimum wage by starting their employees at $9.50, $10.50, or even $15 an hour! A few weeks ago, I told you about CVS the big...

  • Foreclosure deals for the average homebuyer


    Special cash incentives are on the table for homebuyers who want to owner-occupy our nation's foreclosures. No investors allowed in this sweet deal!

  • What's driving the economic recovery in 2014?


    After a rough winter slowed the economy in much of the country, Clark has a revised economic forecast for 2014, driven by a surge in this sector.

  • Bitcoin is NOT an investment


    Have you heard about Bitcoin? It's an alternative digital currency that represents a reaction to loss of faith in government and fiat currency. Three years ago, a Bitcoin was worth less than $1....

  • Positive signs for 2014 economic growth


    One important engine of job growth is primed for a positive 2014. Is this the signal of economic growth that we've been waiting for?

  • Fuel effiecient cars depleting road funds?


    People are driving less and traveling more in fuel-efficient vehicles. So how are we going to pay for road maintenance and construction now that gasoline tax revenue is down?

  • Wine and coffee prices to change


    The price of your favorite beverage is either going way up or way down in 2014 -- depending if you're a coffee drinker or a wine enthusiast.

  • Housing Market update: Autumn 2013


    The recovery in the housing market is rock solid. But will the rise in interest rates derail it?

  • Debt limit debacle could hurt economy


    While the federal government goes into the second straight week of shutdown, a larger crisis over the debt limit debate looms. If you're not a political junkie, you may be wondering why...

  • Wells Fargo flouting mortgage relief settlement?


    UPDATE: Wells Fargo is being sued by the Attorney General of New York for failing to comply with the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement. As a result, the bank is under renewed pressure to...

  • How will a government shutdown impact you?


    You've been hearing a lot about the budget battles in Washington and the threat of a government shutdown. I want to cut through the politics and talk about what it means to your life. Should we...

  • More reaction to the Federal Reserve's reluctance to "taper"


    What does the Federal Reserve's somewhat unexpected move to continue with interference in the free market mean to you? In a nutshell, it means the ability to borrow money cheaply continues for...

  • Will your children do better financially than you?


    Do you expect that your children will have a better or worse life, financially speaking, than you will? Do you think that you will do better or worse than your own parents? The answer to the...