Economy & Market Trends/Clarkonomics

  • Gas prices expected to drop below $2 soon


    Gas prices have been dropping -- about 6% in the last month -- and could get below $2 per gallon very soon. Read more: 2 reasons to never use a debit card at a gas station "There will...

  • Iran nuclear deal could push gas prices below $2 this year


    A landmark nuclear agreement with Iran was announced Tuesday and it could mean lower gases prices for Americans in the coming months. Iran nuclear deal: What it is The U.S., along with other...

  • 4 Employers Who Are Raising Minimum Wage For Workers


    Some fast-food restaurants are taking it upon themselves to raise the minimum wage by starting their employees at $9.50, $10.50, or even $15 an hour! A few weeks ago, I told you about CVS the big...

  • Why intown properties are a smart buy today


    Looking to buy a home, or to sell and move to another one? Knowing about this population trend can help you buy where home values are likely to rise quickly...

  • What's driving the economic recovery in 2014?


    After a rough winter slowed the economy in much of the country, Clark has a revised economic forecast for 2014, driven by a surge in this sector.

  • Bitcoin is NOT an investment


    Have you heard about Bitcoin? It's an alternative digital currency that represents a reaction to loss of faith in government and fiat currency. Three years ago, a Bitcoin was worth less than $1....

  • Positive signs for 2014 economic growth


    One important engine of job growth is primed for a positive 2014. Is this the signal of economic growth that we've been waiting for?

  • Fuel effiecient cars depleting road funds?


    People are driving less and traveling more in fuel-efficient vehicles. So how are we going to pay for road maintenance and construction now that gasoline tax revenue is down?

  • Wine and coffee prices to change


    The price of your favorite beverage is either going way up or way down in 2014 -- depending if you're a coffee drinker or a wine enthusiast.

  • Housing Market update: Autumn 2013


    The recovery in the housing market is rock solid. But will the rise in interest rates derail it?

  • Debt limit debacle could hurt economy


    While the federal government goes into the second straight week of shutdown, a larger crisis over the debt limit debate looms. If you're not a political junkie, you may be wondering why...

  • More consumer goods to be "Made In USA"


    The prevailing thought is that it's vastly cheaper to make something in China than in the USA. But that myth is getting overturned by a major tech company. Go USA!

  • More reaction to the Federal Reserve's reluctance to "taper"


    What does the Federal Reserve's somewhat unexpected move to continue with interference in the free market mean to you? In a nutshell, it means the ability to borrow money cheaply continues for...

  • Will your children do better financially than you?


    Do you expect that your children will have a better or worse life, financially speaking, than you will? Do you think that you will do better or worse than your own parents? The answer to the...

  • Where we stand in the housing market


    The rumors you've heard of a strong seller's market are a bit overblown, but it's nowhere near doom and gloom if you've got a home to sell.