If you're looking for a real treasure hunt kind of experience, you should consider a trip to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Ala.

An estimated 25 million bags are lost by the airlines each year…where do they go when they can't be reunited with their right owners? After 90 days, they are either thrown away or sold the UBC.

I've been to UBC for my TV work and, let me tell you, it is worth the hype.

When people travel, they tend to take their best stuff with them. So this a real savings opportunity where you can buy everything from great clothing to electronics to rare finds for pennies on the dollar.

Bloomberg Businessweek  reports visitors have come from all 50 states and from 40 countries on scavenger hunts for all the deals.

Know that this is not like going to shop at a high end department store. It's more like three steps below a Kmart. But the stuff can be a real treasure. Not everything is worth having, but when you find what you like, you buy at a typical 60% off discount.