A duo of scams have been blowing up the phones at Team Clark, my off-air consumer action center offering free advice 45 hours a week, and I want to be sure you know about them.

Both scams have to do with the dangers of people misrepresenting themselves on the Internet. The first involves a person who called us up saying they were taken for $200,000 in a bogus online relationship. It's a very sad tale and a very similar to a story I first reported on in 2011.

The second call we're hearing a lot about supposedly involves Microsoft. Callers have told us that crooks are masquerading as Bill Gates' computer security engineers and making cold calls to convince people their computers are at risk for a security threat! I covered this one back in 2011 too.

Some of this may be old to some of you, but judging by the calls we're receiving, a lot of people are still falling prey to these scams. Forewarned is forearmed.

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