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  • The best way to file a complaint against your bank


    If your credit card issuer is mistreating you, or if you're having trouble with your mortgage lender, you've got a new place to turn for help. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau...

  • Do clean bathrooms make for successful companies?


    What are the bathrooms like where you work? And could they be an indicator of the future success of your company? Read more: Time to clean your phone screen: It's dirtier than a public...

  • Where to turn for help with credit and banking complaints


    If you're having a complaint or issue with a bank this is the place to contact

  • Consumer Complaint Letter


    Date: ______________   John Jones Regional Vice President ABCD Company 500 Main Street, Suite 1000 Anywhere, USA   Dear Mr. Jones: I regret having to write to you...

  • Credit bureau disputes about to get easier


    Clark looks at the changes being made that will help you keep your credit record clean.

  • Denied health insurance coverage? Appeal it.


    There are ways to get money from your health insurance company even after they denied your initial claim. Here’s what to do if your health insurance isn't covering your best interests.

  • Woman Brings Late Husband's Ashes to T-Mobile Store Over Dispute


    We take it as almost an article of faith that our social media accounts will live on after we die. But what about the contracts we enter into with cellphone providers? There's an ugly story out of...

  • How To Complain Online Without Being Sued


    Do you use review sites to make decisions? I do all the time. This wisdom of the crowd is so powerful that some businesses want to strike back when they don't like what you post. The Union...

  • How to handle wrongful debt collection


    Have you been contacted by a collection agency about a debt that's NOT yours? Here's how to handle it...

  • The right way to post a bad online review


    Looking to post a negative review of a business that's done you wrong? Learn the right way to complain online and you'll lessen your chances of being sued.

  • How to resolve credit card disputes


    Are you dealing with a credit card dispute that seems unresolvable? Here's how to handle it.

  • Man's picket against Sears gains attention


      When a business treats you wrong, do you just roll over and play dead? Or do you start making some noise until you get satisfaction? I want to tell you the story of one man that I read...

  • Can you trust the Better Business Bureau?


    Can you trust the BBB? Clark tells you the right way to use BBB ratings when you're researching a business.

  • CFPB to rein in the credit bureaus


    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been given oversight over the nation's three main credit bureaus, but you still may have to take matters into your own hands if you have an...

  • Toys R Us irks Black Friday shoppers


    Toys R Us has been irritating Black Friday shoppers with some very customer unfriendly practices. According to a report from, the toy retailer has been cancelling orders and...