See a deal you love? Take Clark's advice: Buy the offer immediately and then figure out why you want to go there! Most airlines permit bookings 341 days in advance, or through February 17, 2018. Low-cost carriers have shorter booking calendars.

How do you find these great airfare deals? First stop:
1. Choose one-way*, round-trip or multi-city (in/out of different airports)
*HOT TIP: Always the best option to find the cheapest prices!  Most destinations are served by multiple carriers offering one-way rates. Combine airlines to save!
2. Enter your city pairs. Option: Include nearby airports: LGA, EWR, SWF.
3. Mouse click inside the departure date window (don't fill in specific dates).
4. Two monthly calendars automatically display with the lowest available fare shown for each date.
5. Jump forward a month or back using the left and right arrows beside the calendar.
6. Click on your desired date(s) to reveal the participating carrier.
7. Filters are available to choose specific carriers (Southwest fares not included in search results), nonstop routes, price, etc. 
Tickets cannot be purchased at Google Flights, but options are offered to complete a purchase with the airline or other travel websites.
Other places we like to search for low international fares: Kayak and Momondo.
Visit the Travel Booking & Planning Guide for other airfare search options.

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These HOT deals have no ticket-by date and could vanish at any time. Act fast on a purchase!   

Rates of $69 each way to Boston on nonstop Delta flights require a 21-day advance purchase notice. Valid daily through February 17. No blackout dates. 

Travel nonstop on United to Washington DC-Dulles at one-way rates of $63.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Valid daily through July 11. No blackouts.

Summer vacay! Travel nonstop on Delta to Manchester NH through February 17, 2018 at round-trip rates of just $124. A 21-day advance purchase required. Stay at least one Saturday night. Valid daily -- no blackout dates! Manchester is an hour's drive north of Boston and an ideal spot to begin a New England road trip!

Travel nonstop to Ft. Lauderdale at rates of $136 round-trip, or $68 each way. A 21-day advance purchase required. Valid southbound between 5-8A, 10A-1P, 204P or 6P-midnight; northbound 6-830A, 11A-130P, 5P-midnight. Finish trips on or before August 13. Blackout dates: April 12, 14, 17; May 25-27, 29; June 2-4.
Valid daily on Delta.

Travel daily through May 24 to Denver on nonstop Delta flights at rates of $156 round-trip. A 21-day advance purchase required. Stay at least one Saturday night.

Rates of $174 round-trip to Portland, Maine require a 21-day advance purchase. Valid daily through February 17 on Delta -- nonstop! No blackout dates. Sunday-Wednesday departures require a 3-night minimum stay; otherwise a Saturday night. 

Check out these round-trip offers, valid for travel through February 17, 2018 -- and no blackout dates:
$186 Buffalo NY / nonstop Delta
$206 Newark NJ / nonstop United or Delta
$206 New York-JFK / nonstop Delta
A 21-day advance purchase required. Stay at least one Saturday night. 

Travel to Providence, Rhode Island at round-trip rates of $200, or $100 each way. A 21-day advance purchase required. Valid daily through August 12. Blackout dates: April 8, 9, 23; May 14, 21, 25, 26; June 25, 29, 30; July 9, 16, 30. Valid on American via Philadelphia.

Travel to San Francisco at rates of $236 round-trip starting April 23 through February 17, 2018 -- and no blackout dates! A 14-day advance purchase required. Valid on United, nonstop. One-way travel of $117 permitted.

Round-trip rates of $197 from Miami to Barbados, or $77 south, $120 north are valid daily when booked 14 or more days in advance. Valid on American, nonstop. Round-trip ATL-MIA-ATL rates average $102 on American when travel is finished on or before August 13 (for a $299 total to BGI).

NEW! Round-trip rates of $246 are offered to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, or $124 each way. Start travel on or after May 21 to Nantucket; final travel October 15. Start travel on or after July 4 to Martha's Vineyard; final travel September 17. Valid daily on JetBlue via Boston. Note: This fare must be constructed with two separate ticket purchases: ATL-BOS-ATL/BOS-ACK-BOS or MVY.

Rates of $318 round-trip to Palm Springs, California are valid daily through February 17 via Denver on United. A 21-day advance purchase required. No minimum stay required and no blackout dates!

Travel from Miami to Barcelona, Spain at round-trip rates of just $367 on daily nonstop departures through April 6 or October 3-December 15. Rates are $390 from Miami on April 7-June 5; August 23-October 29 or December 16-23 departures. A 28-day advance purchase required. Stay at least any 7 nights or up to a year. During the same departure seasons, round-trip rates to Madrid from Miami are $370 and $394, respectively. Valid on American, nonstop. Note: Round-trip rates from Atlanta to Miami average $98 on American and Frontier when travel is finished on or before May 24. It is expected that these rates will be extended through summer.

Atlanta to Iceland! First step: Purchase $269 round-trip rates between Boston and Reykjavík, Iceland for travel starting on or after April 1 and completed by May 31 (stay at least one Saturday night). Routes are nonstop on Icelandair. Second step: Purchase a separate ATL-BOS-ATL ticket at round-trip rates from $124 on JetBlue, nonstop (service begins March 30). Combine the two tickets for a total of $393! Be sure to leave several hours between flight arrivals/departures.

Uncover more travel deals from around the country at Clark's National Travel Deals page.


NEW! Travel Tuesday or Wednesday to Orlando at one-way rates of $33. Valid through May 24 on Frontier, nonstop. A 7-day advance purchase required. Purchase by March 24.

NEW! Purchase new one-way offers from Southwest Airlines by April 6:
$74 Greenville
$77 Washington DC-Dulles or Reagan
$85 Baltimore
$92 Raleigh
$94 Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, San Antonio
$96 Akron, Cleveland
$100 Orlando
$104 NYC-LaGuardia
$109 Dallas-Love
$110 New Orleans
$112 Chicago, Tampa
$114 Minneapolis, St. Louis
$117 Columbus, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, W. Palm Beach
$126 Philadelphia
$130 Houston-Hobby
$144 Austin
$158 Los Angeles
$160 Las Vegas, Phoenix
$169 San Diego
$173 Oakland
A 21-day advance purchase required. Valid Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday through June 14 or August 22-November 1. Travel to Florida and Nevada valid Sunday-Wednesday; Tuesday-Friday from Florida or Nevada. Blackout dates: May 25-26, 29; September 1, 4.

NEW! This weekend! One-way from Atlanta on nonstop Delta flights:
$69 Daytona Beach or Fort Walton Beach
$119 Buffalo
$129 Lexington KY
$139 Oklahoma City or Hartford CT
$149 Burlington VT
$169 Colorado Springs
Depart Friday, March 24 on flights operating on or after 7P or any available flight on Saturday, March 25. Return Sunday, March 26 or Monday, March 27 from 11A-3P or after 11A on Tuesday, March 28. Purchase by March 25 at Delta.

The best deals sell out fast! Don't miss out.  



HOT! The following deals have been consistently published with no ticket-by date. We suggest you buy tickets ASAP! Finish trips on or before February 17, 2018 -- and no blackout dates!

Round-trip rates of to $222 Halifax, Nova Scotia or $98 north, $124 south require a 14-day advance purchase. Valid daily on Delta via Boston.
Travel to Vancouver, British Columbia at round-trip rates of  $271, or $129 west, $142 east. A 21-day advance purchase required. Valid daily on Delta via Minneapolis, Salt Lake City or Seattle.
Rates of $275 round-trip to Calgary, Alberta, or $116 west, $159 east require a 7-day advance purchase required. Valid daily on Delta via Minneapolis.


Start and end a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica from Miami to save a bundle! Rates from Miami of $209 round-trip, or $90 south, $119 north require a 21-day advance purchase. Depart daily on American Airlines through May 31. Purchase by March 31. Note: Purchase a separate round-trip ATL-MIA-ATL ticket at rates as low as $98 round-trip for a total of $307 to Costa Rica. Compare to Delta's $670 round-trip.

NEW! Travel nonstop on Delta at rates of $576 round-trip to Caracas, Venezuela through September 30. A 14-day advance purchase required. Stay at least one Saturday night. Valid southbound on Saturday; north on Sunday. Purchase by March 24


SAVE! Take advantage of one-way rates as low as $48 to Miami from Atlanta and then purchase separate one-way deals from Miami to the Caribbean:
Round-trip from Miami: $197 to Barbados, or $77 south, $120 north
A 14-day advance purchase required. Valid daily through February 17, 2018 on American, nonstop. 
Round-trip from Miami: $240 to Aruba, or $103 south, $137 north
A 14-day advance purchase required. Valid daily through February 17, 2018 on American, nonstop.
Round-trip from Miami: $287 to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
No advance purchase required -- go as soon as this week. Valid daily through June 25 on American, nonstop.
Valid on nonstop American Airlines flights. These offers have no ticket-by date but have been published consistently for several weeks.

NEW! Travel nonstop to Grand Cayman Island on Delta at rates of $416 round-trip. Depart April 18 or after and finish travel on or before May 19. Or, depart on or after August 15 and finish trips on or before November 2. Add $30 per direction for Friday-Sunday travel. Stay one Saturday night. Purchase by April 6.



Norwegian Air is bringing nonstop European flights to three east coast airports with one-way rates from just $65 to Europe. Return fares range from €69 or £69. Factor return USD fares to be about $200-$300 due to airport and country departure taxes. Still, you could land a round-trip rate of $300 if you act fast.
Here's a snapshot of the new routes:
From Providence RI:
Edinburgh, June 16 (4x week summer, 2x winter)
Belfast, July 1 (2x week summer, no winter service)
Cork, July 1 (3x week summer, 2x winter)
Dublin, July 2 (5x week, 3x winter)
Shannon, July 3 (2x week year-round)
From Newburgh/Stewart International, NY:
Edinburgh, June 15 (1x daily, year-round)
Belfast, July 1 (3x week summer, 2x winter)
Dublin, July 1 (daily summer, 3x week winter)
Shannon, July 2 (2x week year-round)
From Hartford/Bradley CT:
Edinburgh, June 17 (3x week summer, 2x winter)
In addition, Norwegian's first Barcelona flights will launch in June from Ft. Lauderdale and Newark. One-way rates range from $179-$199.
Tips for Norwegian Air deals: This page at Norwegian Air highlights the best deals for travel through January.  Find your departure city in the drop-down menu at the top to reveal to where the best bargains are offered. Next, tweak the month of travel using the right arrow (beneath What's your budget?). There are more price options to view if you're willing to take a connecting flight with a layover.  Choose "both direct and transit" from the second drop-down menu. Remember that return flights from Europe can be and are often priced higher.  And don't forget the optional charges should you want to check bags, reserve a seat, or have an in-flight meal.  

Travel to Ireland with Aer Lingus at the following round-trip rates:
$615 Dublin or $672 Shannon
Valid daily starting on or after November 1. Stay one weekend. Finish trips on or before February 17, 2018. No blackout dates. Purchase by April 5. Routing is via London to Shannon; Chicago to Dublin. Stopovers not permitted. 

Travel with Delta to Venice, Italy at rates of $628 round-trip! Depart by May 11; August 20-October 28 or December 15-23. A 28-day advance purchase required. Valid Sunday-Thursday in each direction or add $50 each way for Friday, Saturday travel. A 7-night minimum stay required; one year max. Purchase by April 6. Delta offers nonstop service from ATL to Venice (June 1-September 29) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; from Venice Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Routing is otherwise via Paris or Amsterdam. Stops not permitted.

NEW! Travel to Budapest, Hungary at rates of $683 round-trip on April 7-May 10 or October 15-28 departures. Valid daily on Lufthansa via Frankfurt. Stopovers not permitted. Stay one weekend or up to 90 days. Purchase by March 31


Coming soon...


Purchase these Singapore Air specials departing Houston by September 30:
$645-$705 Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Penang, Phuket, Bali, Cebu and more...
Valid on departures through October 31.  No minimum stay required; one month max.  Routing is via Singapore.  Stopovers not permitted.  Similar discounts available from other Singapore gateways: Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.

Free London Stopover! Travel at round-trip rates of $1,275 to Seoul, S. Korea on daily departures through June 19. A 7-day advance purchase required. Stay at least one Saturday night. Valid on British Airways via London. Purchase by April 6. Stopovers in London price from $1,380. Compare to Delta's round-trip rate of $3,300.


Rates of $802 round-trip to Nairobi, Kenya are valid on daily departures through May 15; June 6-July 20; August 21-December 8 or December 16-23. Stay a Saturday night or up to four months. Valid on Delta/KLM via Amsterdam. No stopovers. Purchase by April 7

Rates of $825 round-trip to Tel Aviv, Israel are valid on daily departures through April 13; August 21-December 24. No advance purchase required. Stay at least one Saturday night or up to a year. Valid on Air Canada via Toronto. Stops not permitted. Purchase by April 26.

With a 7-day advance purchase notice, travel to Nairobi, Kenya at rates of $890 round-trip.  Depart through May 31 or August 11-October 25.  Valid daily. Stay at least one Saturday night. Valid on American/British Airways. One stopover in London permitted at round-trip rates of $996. Purchase by April 6


Ready to leave town or just returning from a trip? Book a one-way rental (pick up your car in one location and drop off at another) for up to four hours, (including gas) for  $19.99 from Avis. The vehicle must be reserved 48 hours in advance of pick-up. The offer is valid on compact to mid-size SUVs (groups B-F).   Pick-up must occur on a Thursday or Friday when traveling from an airport or downtown location.  Pickup must occur on a Sunday or Monday when traveling from a downtown location to an airport. Participating locations include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (LGA JFK EWR), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland PDX, Providence RI, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC (DCA IAD BWI). For more information, or to reserve a car, visit Avis.

Board the bus. Ride the rails. Find the best routes and fares for trips across the U.S. and Canada at Wanderu. It's all there - inter-city buses and trains between any two points. Purchase tickets for the Acela Express, BoltBus, Greyhound, Megabus, Red Coach, and dozens more.

How to do score the lowest price on a rental car? Here are some tips and pointers on saving the max!

Can you get there by ferry? Direct Ferries gathers routes and rates connecting over 220 countries and islands by sea.

Europe bound? FlixBus offers daily intercity bus service to nearly 300 destinations in over 15 different European countries. With amenities such as free WiFi, plenty of legroom, up to 3 pieces of baggage and snacks and drinks onboard, it's a much cheaper and popular alternative to rail or air travel. SPECIAL: Europe's largest intercity bus provider Flixbus lets you take five trips between 20 European countries for €99. Travel within three months between your choice of more than 900 cities. Buy passes at FlixBus.

Busbud offers one-stop shopping to find, compare and book inter-city bus tickets between cities all over the world -- in the U.S., South American, Europe and beyond. Compare prices, bus schedules and pick up and drop off locations so that you can find the cheapest bus ticket for your trip.  

GoEuro is a website and mobile app that helps you plan how to travel from the smallest villages and major cities across 11 Western European countries with just one click from a wide array of air, rail, and bus options. Type in your departure and destination points and the site simultaneously searches and compares all rail, bus, auto and flight offerings. The algorithm lets you sort the possible options by the cheapest, quickest, and "smartest" routes (convenience vs. expense).


Check out the many new routes announced from various U.S. gateway cities at Clark's National Travel Deals page.  


NEW! Delta SkyMiles members: Earn 3 miles per $1 spent when you book your next Airbnb stay at This Triple miles offer is valid on all Airbnb bookings made by April 30 and stays completed by April 30, 2018.
In addition, new Airbnb guests also earn up to 2,000 bonus miles and get $25 off a first qualifying stay.

Planning a Florida beach getaway? Make it a road trip home! Enterprise has the best offer one-way Florida drive out rates of just $4.95 a day on economy through full-size rentals. Rent a one-way SUV for $19.95 a day or a Minivan for $24.95. Valid on one day to 21-consecutive days.
Valid for reservations picked up between April 1-May 31 from Boca Raton, Clearwater, Cocoa Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Key West, Miami, Naples, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Tampa and W. Palm. 
Valid for reservations picked up between April 16-May 31 from Daytona Beach, Disney Hotels, Melbourne, Orlando and Sanford.
Return the rental to a participating Enterprise location in the continental U.S., outside the state of Florida.
Avis offers low rates from Florida from April 1-June 30. Pick up the rental at a participating Florida location and return to a different participating Northeast or Piedmont location (includes Atlanta). The minimum rental is one day; 14-consecutive days max. Daily rates are $9.95 on economy through full-size; $14.95 convertible; $19.95 SUV; and $29.95 passenger van. 

British Airways offers special savings for AARP members on round-trip ticket purchases made at
Save $65 in World Traveller Economy Class
Save $130 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy
Save $400 in Club World Business Class or First Class
Customer must be an AARP member or must travel with an AARP member to be eligible for this exclusive offer. The discount does not apply to open jaw journey (only round-trip with same origin and destination permitted). Not valid if booked through BA call center or with a travel agent or travel website. All discounted fares will be highlighted with a red 'Discount'. This offer is valid for bookings made by December 31 to over 130 worldwide destinations.


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