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Major airlines accept reservations 341 days in advance, or through July 26, 2017.  

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1. Choose one-way*, round-trip or multi-city (in/out of different airports)
*A good option if your destination is served by multiple carriers offering one-way rates. 
2. Enter your city pairs. Option: Include nearby airports: LGA, EWR, SWF.
3. Mouse click inside the departure date window (don't fill in specific dates).
4. Two monthly calendars automatically display with the lowest available fare shown for each date.
5. Jump forward a month or back using the left and right arrows beside the calendar.
6. Click on your desired date(s) to reveal the participating carrier.
7. Filters are available to choose specific carriers (Southwest fares not included in search results), nonstop routes, price, etc. 
Tickets cannot be purchased at Google Flights, but options are offered to complete a purchase with the airline or other travel website.
Other places we like to search for low international fares: Kayak and Momondo.
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These HOT deals have no ticket-by date and could vanish at any time. Act fast on a purchase!   

One-way rates of $38 to Dallas-Ft. Worth are offered on daily nonstop American flights on trips finished on or before December 13.  A 21-day advance purchase required.  Blackout dates: November 26-28.  Valid on American, nonstop.

GO NOW! No advance purchase is required for these one-way deals:
$48 Miami
$68 Chicago-O'Hare
$78 Philadelphia

Valid daily on nonstop American flights.  Blackout dates: November 26-28.  Finish trips on or before December 13. 

Extended! Travel nonstop on United to Washington DC-Dulles at one-way rates of $58.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Valid on any available day of the week through December 13.  Blackout dates: November 18, 19, 22, 23, 26-28.  

$68 one-way rates to Orlando are valid on daily nonstop Delta flights through March 31, 2017.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Valid on southbound flights operating before 730A; 9-11A; 12P-2P; 5-630P or 8P-midnight - and - northbound from 5-9A; 12P-330P or 7P-midnight.  No blackout dates!

One-way rates of $78 to Denver are valid on nonstop United flights (choose from 3-4 departures) through July 26, 2017 -- and no blackout dates!  Valid Monday-Thursday only starting on or after September 29.  Delta matches on westbound flights operating between 7-9A or 10-11:30A; east between 5-7A or 4-6P. 

Travel nonstop on American Airlines to NYC-LaGuardia at one-way rates of $96 through December 13.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Valid daily.  Blackout dates: November 26-28.  

Rates of $330 round-trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica are valid on trips finished on or before July 26, 2017 -- and no blackout dates!  One-way travel permitted.  A 14-day advance purchase required.  Valid on American via Miami.  One free stopover permitted.  Compare to Delta's round-trip peak season rate of $617!

With a 30-day advance purchase notice, head to Hawaii on these round-trip offers:
$632 Kauai or Kona, Hawaii
$685 Maui

Add $15 per direction for Friday-Sunday travel to/from Maui; $46 to Kona or Kauai.  Depart by November 16; November 22-December 8; December 26-March 9 or March 28-May 25.  Valid on American via Los Angeles.  Free stopovers of 18 hours or less permitted.  One-way travel permitted (no minimum stay required).  

Uncover more travel deals from around the country at Clark's National Travel Deals page.


NEW! Check out the new one-way sale from Southwest Airlines:
$49 Greenville, Raleigh
$79 Chicago-Midway
$84 Jacksonville, Pittsburgh
$87 Baltimore, Washington DC-Dulles or Reagan
$89 Akron, Philadelphia
$94 Oklahoma City
$103 New Orleans
$104 Dallas-Love
$107 St. Louis
$109 Columbus, Houston, Indianapolis, Richmond
$110 Tampa
$114 Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Orlando, W. Palm Beach
$119 Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee
$134 Denver
$136 Austin, Boston, Minneapolis, New York-LaGuardia, San Antonio
$149 Las Vegas, Phoenix
$157 San Diego
$166 Oakland
$167 Los Angeles
Valid on travel through March 8, 2017.  A 14-day advance purchase required. Not valid Friday or Sunday.  Travel to Florida and Nevada valid Sunday-Wednesday; Tuesday-Friday returns.  Blackout dates: November 22, 23, 26-28; December 21-23, 26, 27; January 1, 2.
Purchase by September 1 at Southwest.  Got points?  Rapid Reward members can redeem as few as 2,303 points for one-way trips.  

TODAY! Purchase these round-trip offers by August 29:
$318 Traverse City, Michigan
$328 Bangor
$343 Aspen, Steamboat Springs-Hayden or Vail-Eagle
$344 Ontario, California
$358 Salt Lake City or Tucson
$388 Reno-Tahoe or Sacramento
A 14-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week through December 20.  A Saturday night minimum stay required; 30 days max.  Blackout dates: September 1, 2, 5, 6; November 18-23, 26-28.  American, Delta, and United participating.  


The best deals sell out fast! Don't miss out.  



NEW! One-way deals to Canada, introduced by Delta Air Lines and matched by other carriers:
$116 Quebec City, Quebec
$118 Calgary, Alberta
$121 Ottawa, Ontario
$147 Vancouver, British Columbia
$160 Winnipeg, Manitoba or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
$163 Montreal, Quebec (Delta, nonstop)
$230 Toronto, Ontario (Delta, nonstop) or St. Johns, Newfoundland
A 14-day advance purchase required.  Valid daily through December 16.  Blackout dates: October 7-10.  Valid on Air Canada, American, and United with one-stop flight service.  Purchase by September 7.  This Delta sale includes U.S. cities from Baltimore to Seattle!


Travel nonstop on Delta to Cancun for $330 round-trip.   Travel any available day of the week starting on or after December 30 and finish trips on or before January 9.  A Saturday night stay required.  Purchase by September 1.

TODAY! Purchase these round-trip rates by August 29:
$492 Belize City, Belize
$506 San Jose, Costa Rica
$567 Liberia, Costa Rica
A 21-day advance purchase required.  Travel any available day of the week.  Stay at least one Saturday night.  Finish travel on or before February 14, 2017.  No blackout dates!  Valid on Delta, nonstop.  

TODAY! Purchase these round-trip rates through August 29:
$466 Cozumel (Saturday only)
$523 Cartagena, Columbia
$574 Quito, Ecuador
$609 Bogota, Columbia
A 21-day advance purchase required.  Travel daily starting on or after September 27.  Stay at least one Saturday night.  Finish trips on or before December 9.  Valid on Delta, nonstop.  American matching with service via Miami.  

TODAY! Travel with American Airlines at round-trip rates of $916 to Buenos Aires, Argentina on daily service starting on or after September 27.  Finish trips on or before December 9.  A Saturday night stay required.  Routing is via Miami.  One free stopover permitted.  Purchase by August 29.  Compare to Delta's round-trip rate of $1,475!


SAVE! Take advantage of one-way rates as low as $48 to Miami and then purchase separate one-way deals (valid daily and no blackout dates!) from Miami to the Caribbean:
$87 Miami to San Juan: No advance purchase required. Valid through August 22.
$88 Miami to Turks & Caicos: A 14-day advance purchase required. Finish travel on or before July 26, 2017.
$93 Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica: Effective daily from August 5-December 10.
$117 Miami to St. Thomas USVI: A 7-day advance required. Final travel October 5.
All valid on American: Nonstop ATL-Miami and Miami to the islands! Purchase by August 31.

WOW! One-way rates of $175 to Belize City, Belize require a 14-day advance purchase notice.  Valid Monday-Thursday only through March 2, 2017.  Blackout dates: December 14-January 9.  Valid on American via Miami.  One free stopover permitted.  Purchase by September 1.

Travel nonstop on Delta to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for $402 round-trip.   Travel any available day of the week starting on or after December 30 and finish trips on or before January 9.  A Saturday night stay required.  Purchase by September 1.

Travel nonstop on Delta to Aruba with round-trip rates of $435 starting on or after September 13.  Valid Tuesday, Wednesday only - regular rates apply on other days.  Stay at least one Saturday night and finish trips on or before December 13.  Purchase by August 31 .

TODAY! Purchase these round-trip rates through August 29:
$449 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
$484 Georgetown, Bahamas
$503 Turks & Caicos
$564 Bermuda
$592 Grand Cayman Island
$683 St. Lucia
$755 Antigua (Saturday only on Delta; daily on American)
A 21-day advance purchase required.  Travel daily starting on or after September 27.  Stay at least one Saturday night.  Finish trips on or before December 9.  Valid on Delta, nonstop.  American matching with service via Miami.  

TODAY! Rates of $817 round-trip to Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles are offered on nonstop Delta flights (Saturdays only) starting on or after September 27.  Finish trips on or before December 9.  Purchase by August 29.


NEW! GO NOW! Rates of $630 round-trip to Thessaloniki in northern Greece are valid on daily Air France/Delta/KLM departures through March 17, 2017.  United Airlines offers a rate of $650 to Athens with the same rules -- and permits a stopover in Europe (Frankfurt, Munich) for an additional $100.  No advance purchase required -- go as soon as this week.  Stay one weekend or up to a year.  Purchase by September 2.  Routing varies but requires one flight connection.

GO NOW! Free Europe stopover options! Rates of $659 round-trip to Sofia, Bulgaria are valid on any available day of the week.  No advance purchase required -- go as soon as this week.  Final travel is May 15, 2017. Stay one weekend or up to four months. Valid on Lufthansa via Munich/Frankfurt. Two free stopovers permitted! Purchase by September 2. This deal is also offered from New York City for $549 round-trip. Many other departure cities included at similar rates.

NEW! Scandinavia Sale! Depart starting on or after September 15 to Oslo, Norway for $712 round-trip or $723 to Bergen, Norway and to Stockholm, Sweden at $770.  Add $35 per direction for Friday, Saturday outbound and/or Friday-Sunday returns.  Stay at least one Saturday night.  Complete travel on or before May 31, 2017. Valid in United/SAS via Chicago or Newark.  Purchase by August 30.

BIZ CLASS OFFERS! Enjoy special savings on Delta One airfares to Europe. The new Delta One premium experience offers complimentary Delta Sky Club access, menu selections, flat-bed seats with direct aisle access and more luxurious amenities. 
Sample round-trip rates from Atlanta: 
$3,869 Rome or Milan
$4,287 London
Depart February 15-March 31. A Saturday night stay required; one month max. Passengers must travel in groups of two or more. Purchase by September 5 at Delta.


NEW! Start and end travel in Los Angeles to take advantage of a round-trip offer of $1, 270 to Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia!  The Three Country Explorer Pass on Air Tahiti Nui is valid on departures through September 17 or November 1-30.  A slightly higher rate of $1,380 applies on September 18-October 31 or December 1-10 departures and $1,517 on December 11-January 31 departures.  No minimum stay required; three months max.  Book by December 31.


Purchase these round-trip Singapore Air specials departing San Francisco by September 30:
$649 to Bangkok, Bali, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Manila, Phnom Penh, Phuket, Singapore
Valid on September 1-January 10 departures (some destinations from October 23).  No minimum stay required; one month max.  Routing is via Singapore.  Stopovers not permitted.  Similar discounts available from other Singapore gateways: Houston, Los Angeles, and New York City.

NEW! Travel to Denpasar, Bali from Los Angeles at round-trip rates of $748.  Valid daily and no advance purchase or minimum stays required.  Routing is via Singapore.  Two free stopovers permitted.  Valid on Singapore Airlines.  Note: Rates are $848 from Houston.  


Round-trip rates of $595 to Dubai, UAE are offered on any available day of the week when departing through May 15, 2017.  No advance purchase required -- go as soon as this week!  Stay one weekend or up to a year. No blackout dates. Valid on Air Canada via Toronto. Stopovers not permitted. Purchase by September 2.


Board the bus. Ride the rails. Find the best routes and fares for trips across the U.S. and Canada at Wanderu. It's all there - inter-city buses and trains between any two points. Purchase tickets for the Acela Express, BoltBus, Greyhound, Megabus, Red Coach, and dozens more.

How to do score the lowest price on a rental car? Here are several tips and pointers on saving the max!

Can you get there by ferry? Direct Ferries gathers routes and rates connecting over 211 countries and islands by sea.

Europe bound? FlixBus offers daily intercity bus service to nearly 300 destinations in over 15 different European countries. With amenities such as free WiFi, plenty of legroom, up to 3 pieces of baggage and snacks and drinks onboard, it's a much cheaper and popular alternative to rail or air travel.

Busbud offers one-stop shopping to find, compare and book inter-city bus tickets between cities all over the world -- in the U.S., South American, Europe and beyond. Compare prices, bus schedules and pick up and drop off locations so that you can find the cheapest bus ticket for your trip.  

GoEuro is a website and mobile app that helps you plan how to travel from the smallest villages and major cities across 11 Western European countries with just one click from a wide array of air, rail, and bus options. Type in your departure and destination points and the site simultaneously searches and compares all rail, bus, auto and flight offerings. The algorithm lets you sort the possible options by the cheapest, quickest, and "smartest" routes (convenience vs. expense).


Check out the many new routes announced from various U.S. gateway cities at Clark's National Travel Deals page.  


NEW! Receive a $25 Gift Card when you book a swanky hotel on TripAdvisor and review your stay. The booking applies to hotels valued at  on stays and reviews completed by October 15.  Bookings must be made by September 5.  Only bookings made via "Book on TripAdvisor" on are eligible. 

Lower mileage redemption promotion!
Delta SkyMiles members can now redeem as few as 5,000 points for one-way flights (taxes, fees additional) on Delta Air Lines for travel to select destinations within the contiguous 48 United States on travel from August 23-February 10. A 21-day advance purchase required. All route blackout dates (additional blackout dates apply in select markets): September 1-6; November 17-28 and December 15-January 3.
Redemptions must be made by September 30.
Note: Delta states that this offer is valid on more than 13,000 routes, but expect award seat availability to be slim. This promotion can be a good deal considering most round-trip travel within the 48 states requires a minimum point redemption of 25,000 points. But most popular domestic routes from Atlanta are served by low-cost carriers such as Allegiant and Frontier -- with major airlines often matching. Before deciding to redeem points, keep in mind that Delta SkyMiles are worth about 1.3 to 1.8 cents apiece (varies by analyst) and best saved for long-haul and international travel. suggests this: Run your own numbers by looking up the cash ticket price and dividing that number by the total number of miles you would use for the award. If you get an amount lower than .013, then book the trips as a cash ticket.

ONGOING! British Airways offers special savings for AARP members on round-trip ticket purchases made at
Save $65 in World Traveller Economy Class
Save $130 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy
Save $400 in Club World Business Class or First Class
Customer must be an AARP member or must travel with an AARP member to be eligible for this exclusive offer. The discount does not apply to open jaw journey (only round-trip with same origin and destination permitted). Not valid if booked through BA call center or with a travel agent or travel website. All discounted fares will be highlighted with a red 'Discount'. This offer is valid on travel booked by October 21.


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