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Friday July 29 - Replay 6-30
Online shopping tricks and rip offs
Grandmother loses $6,000 in iTunes gift card scam
Employer provided emergency loans - Kashable a recent system 
Therapy via video conference
Best ways to get a small business loan

On the Calls: 
Auto repos can lead to a deficiency judgment against you | Clark Howard  - for credit counseling
Should you close your credit card? | Clark Howard
Record keeping – How long? - LLCs  -  LegalZoom-Start an LLC
6 ways to tackle your credit card debt | Clark Howard  -  Paying Off Credit Card Debt | Clark Howard
Target-date retirement funds perfect for 'set it and forget it' investing | Clark Howard
Work from home
How to fix errors on a credit report | Clark Howard  -  BBB complaint
Clark does NO endorsements for any products or services. Ads encountered on his radio show or site are not endorsements.
Mortgage refinance   
529 Plan Guide
EMPOWERMENT ZONE – Kavantas is a high school honors grad from Memphis whose extraordinary work ethic is giving him a debt-free path to college. At 12 he started work selling Sunday papers and caught the earning bug. Kavantas worked 10 hours every Sunday for 4 years. He developed a loyal following. He saved $12,000 and got scholarships. He’ll be going to TN State to study physical therapy. His Mom said to always keep his composure and keep pushing forward. Getting to college without debt IS possible.  

Thursday July 28 - Replay 6-29
A new resource for navigating fertility clinics
Telemarketing charity scams
The new book market for readers and authors: On-demand printing - Self publishing guide
Attention Amazon shoppers - price check on convenience shopping
Renter's insurance

On the Calls:
Peer-to-peer lenders raising interest rates | Clark Howard
Peer-to-peer lending & small business loans
Saline spray use during air travel is recommended to maintain upper respiratory health
Get around contact lens price fixing  - Consult with discounters about what brands they can sell free-market.
                           Have the Dr. write the Rx accordingly. 80% cheaper
Everything you need to know about getting cheap prescription glasses online! | Clark Howard
  -  Progressive lens concerns: pay a trusted source for your main pair, buy a backup pair online. Compare. 
Mortgage: Home buyer beware lender $ incentives Must shop lenders to know if it’s a deal.
Communications apps include KakaoViberWhatsapp, GoSMSPro & more. Can load several on phone for overseas travel.
Tesla   -  Sell a used car
Wedding planning
How to start saving

Wednesday July 27 - Replay 6-2
Characteristics of successful start-ups
Variable annuities 
Overseas money transfer - Transferwise
Online small business loan rates
Student loan repayment

On the Calls: 
Peer-to-peer lending interest rates - Prosper  and Lending Club - online lenders
CreditKarma – free credit monitoring
Identity Theft Guide
Life Insurance - FHA home loan program
Credit Freeze and Thaw Guide
Cheapest and easiest ways to do a will | Clark Howard
Roth IRA
Prepaying works on simple interest loans with NO prepayment penalty.
Teen drivers: Have them drive an old car which only needs liability insurance, on a separate policy,
                      & never drive the parent’s car. Call your agent for best advice.
Beware the fake check scam  -  call customer service of issuer to verify
Shop auto/home insurance every 3 to 5 years - How to shop for auto insurance | Clark Howard
Loyalty punished for  keeping the same insurance for years
   AND for still having a landline - Straight Talk Home Phone –
Trip to Paris – & download (using Wi-Fi) Trip Advisors Guide to Paris – International Travel Guide
Mailing taxes – Use Certificate of Mailing (cheaper than certified mail) - Or send FedEx or UPS. E-filing recommended 


Tuesday July 26 - Replay 5-26
Whole Foods' 365 discount store
Online security
Young savers learned recession lessons well
Affordable higher education - Maryland's excellent innovation
Declining birth rates: pros, cons, and preparation for jobs

On the Calls:
Mortgage insurance - The worst insurance in the world
Investment Guide
Debit card dangers
Beware scholarship search rip offs - Fastweb – an authoritative source on college scholarships 
Life Insurance Trust – can appoint a trustee to fulfill your inheritance wishes.
When not to contact your insurance company | Clark Howard
Credit Score Guide
Go Save Young Investor: $1000 to get into the Vanguard Star Fund – Roth IRAs
Empowerment Zone – Meet Laura –Financial Power of Attorney for a mom with Alzheimer’s. With the help of the SEC, Laura rescues her mom's money from a high commission stock brokerage firm, and puts it into a low cost investment company. We must be on guard for our loved ones.  

Monday July 25 - Replay 5-19
Social media shaping the marketplace 
Ransomware scams 
Tello - New low cost customizable cell provider
Auto trends and deals
Sites that analyze and help reduce your monthly bills

On the Calls: 
Credit reports, scores and CreditKarma
Identity Theft Guide
Beware the inheritance email scam. You did not inherit $millions, after all
Homeowners insurance
Dangers of putting monthly bills on automatic debit | Clark Howard – CreditKarma -
Vehicle leasing – may be the best option tax wise for business use.
Tracing the family tree: - Genebase - National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project
                                         -Mormon Church data bases 
Car rental for summer travel
Password clearinghouse sites
Investment Guide

Friday July 22
Low cost investing price war
Retailer private policing and intimidation over shop lifting
Expedited airport travel - programs to reduce time in line
Clark Stinks
Upaid life insurance benefits 

On the Calls: 
Are extended car warranties worth it? | Clark Howard
BEWARE: Debt consolidation scam calls – a pretext to get personal info 
   AND companies parading as debt consolidators prospecting for debtors to rip off.
Identity Theft Guide | Clark Howard - Credit freeze and thaw guide | Clark Howard
Free and cheap retirement plan options for small businesses | Clark Howard

When not to contact your insurance company | Clark Howard
Auto insurance companies penalize use of covered roadside assistance. Caller gets it via cell provider for $36 a year!
Work from home resources
Targeted Retirement Funds

Thursday July 21
Business licensing 
Facebook - Social media hacking 
Pay TV gouging / Sling TV 
Most / least reliable cars - J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study: KIA is king
Pharmaceutical reps influence on doctors / Affordable Rx

On the Calls:
A medical practice can reclaim a collection. Send a letter of explanation to their  billing office.  
   State or local medical association affiliates offer dispute programs.
Free and cheap retirement plan options for small businesses | Clark Howard
   Small business can provide a match in SEPs without the costs of 401K’s
New free app resolves customer service issues for you! | Clark Howard

Investment Guide
Roth vs. Traditional 401(k): Which is Right For You? | Clark Howard
How to find a fee-only financial planner | Clark Howard
Pay for investment advice or get it "free"? | Clark Howard
Target-date retirement funds perfect for 'set it and forget it' investing | Clark Howard
Low-cost investment options by dollar amount | Clark Howard
Do you know what you're paying in investment fees? | Clark Howard
Cars | Accidents | Clark Howard  - Your insurer will offer replacement value – the other party’s will offer fair market value.
        If less,  meet with adjuster’s supervisor to compare research. …
Should you dump your old gas guzzler? | Clark Howard

Wednesday July 20
Airfare bargain season
LED lighting
Webcam and biometric privacy 
A great new resource for used car
Cost saving cellular advances - Republic Wireless

On the Calls: 
Roku streaming media players
Options for international communication –  Project Fi: Google's New $20/month Cell Service | Clark Howard - Viber - T-Mobile
Handling your money overseas | Clark Howard – The Charles Schwab debit card allows international ATM use fee-free
International Travel Tips – if you must insure a phone
The unlikely reason your credit could take a hit if you have the new Costco card | Clark Howard

Authorized credit card use - How a 19 year old got a credit score of 820 | Clark Howard
KentuckyDerby bargain hunters stay in Cincinnati. Buy tickets the day they go on sale in November
Paying Off Credit Card Debt | Clark Howard

Tuesday July 19
Job satisfaction ratings and your employment options
Low prices on 2 vices, including donuts
Hackers now target bank data bases. Prevention measures
 Easy way to know if your account has been comprimised
GMO labeling
Pokemon Go marketing offers 

On the Calls: 
Investment Guide
Know your rights with debt collectors | Clark Howard
The Truth About the Cost of Escrow Payments | Clark Howard
Get the most money for your old phone

Ignore unfamiliar booking engines on Kayak. recommended
Use a retail travel agent to vet  online Caribbean tour operators
Vacation Club schemes – cancel by certified mail
What's up with travel clubs promising free travel? | Clark Howard
Credit Freeze and Thaw Guide – Must thaw to open a new credit card.
     If you know which credit bureau that bank uses, thaw only that one.   
Fidelity Rewards card the best for cash back – 2%
How To Find The Best Reward Credit Card | Clark Howard
Business telephone services: In addition to auto attendant services, check out  and  Ooma
Mortgage Refinance Guide
Solar Power
Short term car leases: Check out LeaseTrader - SwapALease


Monday July 18
Tesla autopilot fatality  -  Clark's take on Tesla autopilot
Average checking account fees - many unaware
Netflix password sharing rumor
Market investment safety
Herbalife will pay $200M for its sketchy business model

On the Calls: 
Credit freeze and thaw guide | Clark Howard
Best 529 plans to help pay for college | Clark Howard
Why you need owner's title insurance when you do a refinance | Clark Howard
Owner's title insurance offers protection | Clark Howard
Crucial insurance for home purchases and refis | Clark Howard
Should you take the free Windows 10 upgrade? | Clark Howard

Betterment investing - Big 3 discount investment houses go all in on robo-advising | Clark Howard
– Choose the company that feels best to you.
Tips for first-time homebuyers | Clark Howard
Coverdell accounts offer way to pay for private school | Clark Howard
Education Resources | Clark Howard
Recommended checking /debit card for teens: USAA youth spending account or Capital One 360 teen account.
Moving and UShip information. It’s sometimes cheaper to ditch furniture and buy for new location.
Paying Off Credit Card Debt | Clark Howard

Friday July 15
Athleisure wear odor issue
Online seller alert! Beware the PayPal scam
New mortgage lets you borrow for energy upgrades 
Clark Stinks
Motorcycle fatalities / safety

On the Calls: 
Loan co-signing: Here's how to limit your risk | Clark Howard
CreditKarma – to track credit score
Ooma recommended as a flawless in-home phone service. Clark uses MagicJack for overseas travel only.
The Free and Cheap List | Clark Howard
Consumer Cellular included - Best cell phone plans & deals for 2016 | Clark Howard
Life insurance and annuities are sold not bought- in the agent’s self-interest. Generally term life is best - no commission.  
Choosing the right insurance for you and your family | Clark Howard
Consumer Federation of America’s

Quicken & Mint budgeting tools – a calculated but worthwhile risk to give them your info.
Foreclosure websites that don’t deliver: Take a screenshot and dispute the charge
   (if credit card purchase) for failure to deliver service. Interview neighborhood realtors to find local deals.
Foreclosure Guide | Clark Howard
Identity Theft Guide | Clark Howard
Credit Freeze and Thaw Guide
Student Loan Guide   -   -

Thursday July 14 
Home sharing for travelers
Counterfeit goods online
Emergency room costs
Self-employed reserve funds
Authorized users vs. co-owners on credit card accounts 

On the Calls: 
Cheapest and easiest ways to do a will | Clark Howard
Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney FAQs | Clark Howard
Credit Score Guide | Clark Howard
Hire a Medical Billing Specialist as an Advocate | Clark Howard
11 nuggets of wealth-building wisdom | Clark Howard

Student credit card offers: Should you apply? | Clark Howard
Get a Will done
Timeshare & Prepaid vacation scheme pitch – NO. Run!  
Travel Planning and Booking Guide - How to score the best deals 
International Travel Tips: Exchanging Money, Overseas Mobile Connections & Booking
Travel Insurance Guide
Travel Deals
When should you use a travel agent? | Clark Howard
TripAdvisorAllegiant Airlines offers cheap airfare to Hawaii
Hotel Booking Guide: Scoring Hotel Deals | Clark Howard
MLM vs. Pyramid schemes. Know the difference | Clark Howard

Wednesday July 13 
Amazon & Walmart compete on July deals
Big bank mortgage rates lag
Wage hikes - The job market now
Sizzling cell deal & Verizon news - Amazon offers unlocked cheapest Moto G4 for $150with a catch 
New student loan rates 

On the Calls:
Mixing emergency funds with investing – not recommended.   
Big 3 discount investment houses go all in on robo-advising | Clark Howard
Timeshare advice
Gifting a house?  Consult a lawyer and accountant together on tax strategy. – to determine the best reward card for you.
    Warehouse club cards recommended from Sam’s & Costco.
Mint  a great budget tool. You have no liability on hacked credit cards if that should happen. 

Ooma recommended for home phone service.
Can keep it simple with Target Retirement Funds in a ROTH IRA
Pay enough down on a home to avoid PMI -  Why paying off PMI should be a top financial priority | Clark Howard
Medishare vs regular health insurance: These are religious based risk pools. Pray there’s enough $ for catastrophic illnesses.
   - A matter of trust without normal underwriting. Popular because they’re cheaper. Know the risks.
Faith-based organizations paying for your health care | Clark Howard
Affordable weddings
Best and Worst Airlines for Miles Redemption | Clark Howard

Tuesday July 12 - Replay 6-23
529ABLE accounts for the disabled
A massive pump & dump (penny stock) scam rakes in a quarter billion dollars
Should you take the free Windows 10 upgrade? 
Resources for entrepreneurs -
The Kahoot learning resource 

On the Calls:
Investment Guide
6 ways to lower your auto insurance - 4 Ways To Opt Out of Junk Mail | Clark Howard
Long Term Care Insurance Honor Roll | Clark Howard – Rates have skyrocketed.
   Now available:  life insurance  with long-term care benefit riders.  Whole life preferable to Universal life with these.
Identity Theft Guide - Credit Freeze is free for victims of identity theft.
State Defense Force sign up | Clark Howard 
TripAdvisor Vegas Show guide - –
Warnings about buying in the condo market
Know your rights with debt collectors | Clark Howard  -  Sample Drop Dead letter to collections

Monday July 11 - Replay 6-22
Innovations in used car buying
Utility scams
Young entrepreneurs 
Buy or sell canceled hotel reservations -  &  
New deals on traditional pay TV - Pay TV Deal

On the Calls: 
Credit Freeze - operable. Thaw to get going on CreditKarma – then refreeze.
Extended car warranties
Travel Insurance Guide
Home refinance – Get a more accurate property appraisal  
Investment Guide – Target Retirement Funds
Longevity insurance – 2 Annuities that make sense
Buying a used vehicle  - 6 most reliable SUVs on the road | Clark Howard
529 Plan Guide


Friday July 8 - Replay 6-21
Deferred interest trap - NoNoNo plans
Debt buyers and collections
End of life planning: New funeral options
DIY medical devices
Electronic energy vampires 

On the Calls: 
How the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can help you | Clark Howard
Dental insurance
Credit Score Guide | Clark Howard – patent search. Inventions & Patents | Clark Howard
Buying foreign property:  Must know the area inside-out. Go live there for a couple months….
  10 places to retire abroad for less than $2,000 a month | Clark Howard
Mortgage Refinance Guide | Clark Howard
Hotel Booking Guide: Scoring Hotel Deals | Clark Howard –
   3rd party travel packages may cost more than booking direct by phone. Try multiple ways to save each time. It’s a moving target . – file a complaint against a bank.
Private jet empty leg aggregate sites make unrealistic promises. SurfAir an exception with limited area coverage. 


Thursday July 7 - Replay 6-20
Telemedicine benefit reduces healthcare costs
Life insurance hikes
Home energy savings
Dull investing vs. hedge funds 

On the Calls:
Synthetic identity theft – someone using your ss number under a different name. Check
Investment Guide - Diversification
Financial Freedom - 80-10-10 mortgage
The benefits of targeted retirement portfolios - $40 software to run scenarios for maximum benefit.
An effective source of funds when starting a business can be personal credit cards. – credit score info – advice for small business. Funding: LendingClub and Prosper.  Sam’s Club has a lending program for members.
Solar power
Credit Score Guide | Clark Howard

Wednesday July 6 - Replay 6-16
Grocery store delivery options
Full commission stock brokerage busted
The true value of college
Dollar store wisdom
Banks vs. credit unions 

On the Calls:
OOPS! Lost credit freeze pin - Must receive new pin by mail after sending ID
Alaskan cruise – Smaller ship, better experience. Larger ship, lower price. – See a cruise specialist.
    Sunday Travel sections have co-op cruise ship ads -  a source of agencies with preferential prices.
Generally advantageous to have home/auto from the same insurer – Home & auto insurance
Balance transfers
Investement Guide -  SEP IRAs
Roth vs. Traditional 401(k): Which is Right For You? | Clark Howard
The #1 tip to help maximize your 401(k) investing | Clark Howard
Umbrella liability insurance - 8 ways to avoid going broke in retirement | Clark Howard
Online banks including GE, a safe smart choice – 5 online banks that totally rock | Clark Howard - Bankrate
Best deal outside the US is to have an investment account with Charles Schwab – fee free ATM card
International Travel Guide
Avoid business credit cards

Tuesday July 5 - Replay 
Prostate cancer update - active surveillance
Stored value cards = no interest
Big bank electronic payment
Soda vs. water
Credit reports and scores 

On the Calls:
Lost international airline baggage – research responsibility and file a complaint with the DOT and responsible airline.  
Chip credit cards and readers

Costco AMX – print out your statements for the past year while you still can.  

The big Costco credit card switch is coming: Here's what you need to know

AMX makes last ditch effort to retain Costco customers
Costco's new credit card is a deal for you | Clark Howard 

Crowd funding for real estate: an unknown with high fee rates.
   Cohen & Steers  A respected real estate investment enterprise with a low expense ratio – highly diversified
New ways to pay down student loan debt  -
Payment apps
520 Plan Guide  
Learn how to counter lowball offers from auto insurers | Clark Howard
Cars | Accidents | Clark Howard
Warning to sub-prime homebuyers: Contract for deed lending under scrutiny 

Monday July 4 - Replay 6-9
Fear of self-driving cars 
Overdraft ripoffs
Epic coal vs. clean energy debate
Credit card debt help - Consumer Help Center

On the Calls: 
529 Plan Guide
Trip Adviser’s New York City: Attraction Passes - An Analysis  + reviews on Yelp
Advertised devices for lowering energy bills don’t work. Switching to energy saving lighting can save 15%
Extended warranties on cars – Can shop dealers online and save. Make SURE it’s the manufacturers own warranty.
Military Guide
Identity Theft Guide
Multi-level marketing (MLM) vs. Pyramid schemes  MLM test: Do you believe in the product or service?