I am outraged about the new Buscemi sneaker that has a price tag of $800 and makes a commodity out of scarcity.

The Buscemis -- launched by a former Wall Street stockbroker named Jon Buscemi -- come equipped with a golden padlock on each shoe and tiny keys to fit. They're made in Italy at the same factory that makes goods for Chanel, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Key to the shoe being able to command such an outrageous asking price is the fact that they are only made in limited runs and often wind up on the feet of people like P. Diddy, Justin Bieber, and rapper 2 Chainz. The production runs are so small and the demand is so great, in fact, that there are already Chinese counterfeits of this hot shoe!

Inquiring minds want to know, what does it actually cost to make high quality sneakers?

The true manufacturing cost, according to what I've read, is somewhere around $7 per pair. All the rest of the cost that you pay is marketing pizazz and fluff.

I'm wearing a pair of running shoes that have no charisma whatsoever. They're Filas I got at Costco Wholesale for $19.99.

I wear running shoes every day of my life. So after I bought one pair and decided I liked them, I went back and bought six more pairs knowing I can wear them over time. So I spent $140 on seven pairs vs. $800 for one pair of Buscemi shoes.

The Buscemi sneakers are an outrageous waste of money. Parents, what are you teaching your kids if you're buying these things for them? The opposite of the value of a dollar, to be sure. And I don't want to hear that it's "fashion."

You gotta rethink this thing. Don't waste your money!

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