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  • Most stolen cars are older rides


    Sophisticated anti-theft technology has altered the pattern of what kind of cars are being stolen.The National Insurance Crime Bureau shows that recent model years aren't being stolen like in the...

  • Car rental business consolidates, yet rates will stay competitive


    The car rental business has historically been one of the most competitive in the country. Yet the field has now been winnowed down to only three major players: Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise. ...

  • Renting out your home or car comes with insurance hassles


    Renting out your home or car for extra cash could leave you in a lot of financial hot water with your insurer. I've talked in the past about sites like, and as...

  • Website auto-checks your car rental for price drops


    Want to save money on your next car rental? There's a website that automatically re-shops your rate on a continual basis after you've booked.

  • Customer no-service car rental company taken to task


    There are some companies you never hear me talk about no matter how good of a deal they offer. Why not? Because I know their reputation has historically been sullied with serious customer no...

  • Get the best rate on car rental booking


    I have a method for saving money on car rentals that's a bit cumbersome but has worked for me. Now a new website promises to automate my clunky old process. My method is tested and proven. When I...

  • Prices headed up in all sectors of auto industry


    CLARKONOMICS: Just a few years ago at the height of the recession when Americans were reluctant to buy anything, auto dealers simply couldn't move their inventory. And cars were a screaming...

  • Finding the best price on a car


    Clark shares his favorite methods for landing the best price on a new or used car. And he has a special heads up for potential Honda buyers.

  • Prevent unfair rental car damage fees


    Renting a car soon? Here's a simple, effective tip to protect yourself from damage charges...and save you on insurance fees at the same time. Don't get ripped off.

  • Get The Best Price on Car Rentals


    Car rental rates have been dropping for two straight years, but Clark shows you how to reduce the cost of that rental even further.

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  • New rules of the road for rental cars


    There are some rules of the road for car rentals right now that I want to share with you. Rental fleets are smaller than they have historically been, so the rates all over the board. You could get...

  • Are gas additives for real?


    The Consumer Action Center has been getting a lot of questions about fuel economy boosters. During the energy crises of the '70s, the same thing happened with people selling pills and additives...