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  • How to avoid undeserved rental car damage fees


    Don't let your wallet get dinged for other people's previous damage on your rental car. Here are some steps you’ll be wise to take before driving away.

  • Coming soon: Rent a car by the hour


    A luxury automaker is testing a new service that will let any driver rent a car by the hour. Here’s how the service works and which cities will test pilot the program.

  • GM's OnStar System Readies Location-Based Offers


    GM is doing a variety of things through their OnStar system that could save you money and maybe even make you some dough! OnStar's location-based offers In a new development, GM's OnStar system...

  • How to get the best price on a rental car


    Clark has a simple method for assuring the best rate on a rental car. Don't miss out on big savings!

  • New discount car rental option


    You may be able to score a car rental for as little as $10 a day in most major vacation areas with this new company.

  • Car Rental Gotchas Go High Tech


    Car rental companies are coming up with a new way to fee you to death over gasoline. Avis is using a new technology that can read the amount of gas in the tank down to tenths of a gallon. If you...

  • $10 car rentals from Hertz


    Thanks to a new discount brand from Hertz, you may be able to score a car rental for as little as $10 a day!I rent cars up to 40 or 50 times a year, so I'm very interested in a new Hertz sub-brand...

  • Deals on new and used cars


    You can find a deal on a new or used car! With the average cost of cars right around $32,000, is it possible to buy one for less? You betcha! Car buyers keep pushing the price of cars up and...

  • Ford to pay customers over inflated fuel economy stats


    Ford 2013 C-Max hybrid crossover owners will receive monetary compensation for the difference between advertised fuel economy numbers and the real fuel economy numbers. In addition, Ford has...

  • Car share services gain momentum


    Cars can be expensive to own and operate. More and more households are thinning their family fleets by using these budget-friendly alternatives to getting by with less car.

  • Rent your car for extra cash


    Do you have a spare vehicle sitting around collecting dust? Try renting it out.Kiplinger  magazine reports there are several websites that can help you get started as a 1-personal rental...

  • Discount rental car company on the rise


    Three teens are taking on Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise -- the three giants of the car rental industry -- with a new business model that should delight travelers. ABC News reports Shri...

  • Beware these rental car contract rip-offs


    Customers are getting bilked with add-on fees at the car rental counter -- even after declining them! There's only one way to stop this from happening to you the next time you rent a car.

  • Alamo, Avis, Hertz offer car rentals starting at $17 a day


    Right now, there are some oddball opportunities to rent a car for cheap. Alamo, Avis, and Hertz have been advertising cheap deals ranging from $17 to $19 a day, before junk fees, if you can help...

  • Rental car agencies adopt new policy on recalled vehicles


    The nation's five major car rental companies have agreed to no longer sell or lease vehicles that have been recalled for safety issues. The decision by Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Dollar Thrifty,...