A loving cafeteria worker at Arizona State University got the surprise of her life when students crowdfunded her dream trip to see the Northern Lights.

Vicke Davis is beloved by students at Barrett, the Honors College because she really cares about each and every one of them.

Vicke's big surprise!

"Vicke is obviously a star component of the Barrett experience," sophomore Hannah Houts told azcentral.com. "She knows all my family. … She sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to my dad once even though it wasn’t his birthday — because he was getting cake."


To honor the positive impact Vicke has on their lives, the students set up a GoFundMe.com page over winter break and collected nearly $2,500 to fund her dream trip to see the Aurora Borealis.

Vicke was overwhelmed by the gesture, but displayed her usual sense of humor about the whole situation when a gathering of students presented her with a check.

"Each one of them is gonna get a whooping. They could use that money on themselves," she said, laughing. "Y’all spoil me, but y’all my favorite babies and you know it. I gotta bring back a lot of key chains [from my trip]!"

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Jazzy's Place

Meanwhile, if you listened to the show today, when I was talking about Vicke's story producer Christa also mentioned the wonderful charity her 3rd grade teacher is helping to run. Jazzy's Place gives dog food to food banks and pantries so that those who can't afford to feed their four-legged friends will be able to do so during their time of need.

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