Who says Washington can't get anything done? In what seemed like a nanosecond, the Senate – the world's most deliberative body --unanimously voted for funding to get air traffic controllers back on the job. In a separate move, the House passed by 361-41 a procedure to restore the funding.

And so just like that, the 10% reduction in air traffic controllers will come to an end almost immediately, at least thru September.

Why did this change so quickly? Simply put, the people who travel the most are generally political contributors who can register their unhappiness pretty easily.

Yet all the talk of sequestration is just window dressing. The big issue is about the Big 3 – Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

I have no idea who this plays out with those promises of future spending. But I have a strong hunch that it means more responsibility will come back to us as individuals. And that means we have to save more money today for tomorrow.

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