Now that the holidays are over, you might be thinking more about saving money rather than spending it. January is a great time to get your finances in order and set new goals. But, if you do have some cash to spend, there are several items that are great deals in January -- which means buying them now can save you big bucks in the long run.

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10 items on deep discount during January

1. Bedding & linens 

Want to update your bedding? According to Bankrate, as well as Consumer Reports, now is a good time to do it!

In 1878, Philadelphia department store owner and marketing pioneer John Wanamaker found a way to increase foot traffic in his store by creating the infamous "white sale" -- kicking off the department store trend to sell bedding and linens at deeply discounted prices in January.

But, make sure you can return the bedding if you have an issue: Only 4 out of 23 queen size sheet sets made it through Consumer Reports' stringent tests on bedding that lasts. Check out the full report here

2. Toys

Toys are on sale this month due to post holiday sales. But, you may not be able to get any deals on Star Wars merchandise -- not yet, at least. 

Below are some stores that are having sales on toys!

  • Check out the Toys R Us clearance section.
  • Save big on toy deals at Walmart.
  • Save up to 75% at Target. (Also, take $5 off orders of $50 or more by using coupon code TGTR79UF.) 
  • Save up to 60% at The Disney Store

3. Treadmills and elliptical machines

Treadmills and elliptical machines are entering their prime time selling season as people look to get fit in the new year.

Treadmills of course mimic walking or running but allow you to stay indoors, while ellipticals provide a low-impact cardio workout. 

Some tips:

  • Be sure to try a machine at the store before buying.
  • According to Consumer Reports, you can get a high quality elliptical machine for around $2,000.
  • Buying a folding treadmill can save you a lot of space -- about six-square-feet! 

For more, check out these guides from Consumer Reports: 

4. TVs

TVs are heading into their prime time sales season with the upcoming Super Bowl. 

Below are several TV deals going on now!

  • $698 LG 55" 4K 2160p LED LCD UHD Smart TV at Walmart: Get this deal
  • $350 ​Sceptre 49" 4K 2160p LED LCD UHD TV at Walmart: Get this deal
  • $250 Refurb Sony 40" 1080p WiFi LED LCD Smart HDTV at Walmart: Get this deal

5. Winter Clothing

Retail experts say the best deals are on apparel this year. And, according to Mark Di Vincenzo, an expert on the best time to buy anything, now is the best time to buy clothes!

Here are some places to get some great deals:

  • Save up to 70% at Express.
  • Take an extra 50% off sale at Banana Republic.
  • Up to 75% off at Gap.
  • Up to 60% off sale and clearance at Land's End.
  • Up to 60% off at Loft, plus get $25 off orders of $100 or more by signing up for the mailing list.
  • Save big at Old Navy - use coupon code "enjoy" for 35% off orders of $75 or more. 
  • Save 25%-75% off Macy's clearance.
  • Save up to 50% off at the JC Penney 3 day sale.
  • Save big during the Winter & Clearance event at TJ Maxx.

6. Grills 

Definitely an off-season item, you can get a great deal on a grill now. Be sure to use an app or the internet to compare models and get the best price! 

7. Boats

Some people say an accurate acronym for boats is "Bring On Another Thousand!" But, if you want to get a boat for something fun to do with friends or family, winter is a great time to buy. Virtually no one is buying right now, which drives prices low. 

8. Motorcycles

Much like boats, motorcycles are in their slow selling season. If you've ever wanted to take on the "big slab" (interstate highway) in a chopper or a cruiser, now is the time! Just be sure to bring your "brain bucket" -- or helmet. 

9. Discounted gift cards 

Discounted gift cards will be in high inventory this month, due to unwanted gift cards being sold on gift card exchange sites. These gift cards can range from big box stores, to clothing stores, to restaurants. 

Check out some of the best gift card exchange sites below!

10. Suits

According to Di Vincenzo, suits are a great buy this time of year. Be sure not to skim on style or quality for a great deal, though. 

Below are some sites that are having suit sales right now:

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